PANEL: Methods in Political and Public Theology
20/05/2024 08:30 - 12:00

Proponent: Langner-Pitschmann A., Schmiedel U.

Chair: Langner-Pitschmann A., Schmiedel U.

Speaker: Bobrowicz R., Forster D., Hahn J., Langner-Pitschmann A., Mandry C., Preidel C., Schmiedel U., Shorman M.W., Stålsett S., Sverker J., Wilms A.W., Wong A.

This panel explores methods in political and public theology. Taken together, political and public theology have expanded radically and evolved rapidly since the turn of the century, tackling new challenges after the postsecular turn. While the conversation continues to concentrate on Christianities in European and American contexts, scholars from different disciplines and diverse denominations increasingly investigate a variety of theologies in public discourses and political debates. Particularly in controversies that are stirred up or perceived to be stirred up by the diversity of religions in postsecular societies, theological language and theological literacy have taken on a new significance.
Methodological reflection, however, is rare among political and public theologians. This panel aims to advance such reflection by bringing together scholars who problematize or present methods in political and public theology. We particularly welcome emerging and established scholars with a focus on new methodological proposals for the field.