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Welcome to ESDE-IGCA Joint Meeting Abstract Submission Site.
NEW Submission deadline:  August 22 nd  , 2021

How to submit an abstract
Step-by-step guideline

Your abstract must be submitted online, no faxed or mailed abstracts will be accepted.
Since you enter on the abstract platform you have 30 minutes to save and exit. If you do not complete the submission of your abstract, you can login again more times.

Please note that the text must not exceed 350 words in length (including background and aim, methods, results and conclusion) .
A maximum of 1 table may be included and will count as 100 words.
A maximum of 1 image may be included.
Tables, images and graphs must be uploaded in JPG format at 300 dpi and 100% size. Any higher resolution is acceptable.

Video submission must be accompanied by an abstract following the composition rules of the abstracts for oral presentations. The video must be 5 minutes long and fully submitted in avi. - mp4. format.

To start Submission please insert your family name and surname (i.e. "Rossi Maria") and your e-mail address (please check that your address is correct). You will immediately receive an email with your account.
If you previously requested a password but you forgot it, please do not request a new one.
You can receive your old password again by filling the email address at the bottom of this page.

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